Perimeter Layout –The perimeter layout is probably our most popular fencing layout. It encompasses both the front and back yards, allowing your pet the maximum amount of freedom while keeping them safely and securely contained to your property.

Hourglass Layout – the hourglass encompasses the front and back yards, but leaves the middle sections unprotected. In order to move between the two yards without fear of escape, your pet will have to go through the house.

Double Loop Layout – the double loop layout covers either the front -OR- back yard. We generally only use this layout when the geographic features of your property prevent us from installing a perimeter or hourglass layout.

  1. The Boundary Wire –
    We have this wire made specifically for us with a insulation jacket that is 2 to 4 times thicker that our competition . This is the most important part of your fence , it takes all of the abuse with the movement of the ground during the freeze and  thaw cycles, typically buried 2 to 6  inches underground. We have a variety of layouts available and will design the fence to the needs of you and your pet. This is invisible to the naked eye, and the boundary is marked with flags during the training.
  2. The Signal Transmitter –
    This is installed indoors ether in your garage or basement and close to a power supply. If you have neither we can install in a inconspicuous area of your house. This transmitter sends  signals to the boundary wire and alerts you if there’s a problem, such as a wire break or if you have had a surge through lightning strike that has made the system inactive. If there is a problem with the transmitter you will hear an alarm to notify you . These problems do happen but are rare do to the internal surge suppression and the stand alone grounding system, the transmitter as covered by a limited lifetime warranty for your peace of mind
  3. The Receiver Collar –
    Covered by a limited lifetime warranty it is highly programmable by Stephan Hidden Fencing we will provide the  customized  programming and fitting of your pet’s receiver collar based on your dog, your lot size, and the temperament of your pet.
  4. The Training –
    We provide a complete training program for you and your pet. In a short seven day period your pet will be on his way to having the freedom he deserves and you will have the peace of mind knowing that he is safe in your yard. .