We are the fence repair experts.

We have repaired all brands of fences in our 21 years of experience. We use the finest repair equipment, coupled with our knowledge, we can get you up and running again in no time so your dog will never know his boundary was off-line for a short period of time.

Most fences can be repaired within an hour or less unless there are parts that have to be ordered from the MFG. We stock the most needed parts and batteries for all the popular fence brands. If your fence will be off line for an extended period of time, we can also provide loner equipment at no additional cost.

Invisible Fence® System Independent Service & Support

If you’re an Invisible Fence® owner and you have a wire break or some other maintenance problem, you’re in luck Though Stephan Hidden Fence is not associated with Invisible Fence® or any other electric pet fencing brand other than Contain-A-Pet , we do provide independent service on all other brands of pet containment including Invisible Fence® , PetSafe®, Radio Fence®, Dog Guard®, Underground Pet Fencing Co, Innotek®, Smart Dog® Dog Watch®, Pet Guardian® and others. We also provide product upgrades, exchanges, trade-ins and replacements.